The White Princess – Philippa Gregory

twpToday I finished The White Princess.   It was a continuation of the stories started in The Red Queen and The White Queen which I reviewed here.  (Part of The Cousins’ War series) It was true to the author’s style.  A style born out of The Other Boleyn Girl where Ms. Gregory truly found her voice.  

The story picks up with Elizabeth daughter of the white queen, Elizabeth Woodville and King Edward, a true daughter of York mourning the loss of her dearest love and…  uncle…  Richard.   He was killed on the battlefield and his crown coronet stripped from his helmet and given to the son of the red queen, Henry VII – a Lancastrian.

The two are betrothed in an effort to end the cousins’ war (aka The War of the Roses) and Henry must marry a girl he hates and Elizabeth must live her life married to the man who lives by causing the death of the man with whom she was planning a future.  

Having won the crown by might and not by birth, his rule is a constant battle.  Always full of suspicions and fear and being haunted by a ghost roaming the European countryside of a boy thought long since dead.  

I liked this book.  I liked it as much as The Rrd Queen but not as much as The White Queen and I feel it ended to soon.  I can only assume there will be another book to come, but I can’t guess whose perspective it will be from.  Perhaps Catherine of Aragon, as when this book ends she is betrothed to Arthur, Elizabeth and Henry’s eldest son.  

History buffs of the British crown like me know that Arthur and Catherine do marry, but Arthur dies and she is then wed to the second eldest son, whom we know to be destined to become King Henry VIII.   

While certain parts of this book did drag a bit, overall it was the next logical book in what seems to becoming a series for Phillppa Gregory.   If historical fiction is your thing, specifically of the royal bloodline, I would recommend this (along with The White Queen followed by The Red Queen –  TWQ first as there is just way too much in TRQ that would just be redundant in TWQ).

All in all, a decent book, a REALLY good series so far.   3 our of 5 privy chambers for this installment.   

2 comments to The White Princess – Philippa Gregory

  1. Brooke says:

    I’m not really sure where Phillipa Gregory will go next- she already covered Katherine of Aragon with “The Constant Princess.”

    I’ve been sucked into Susannah Kearsley’s work recently- “The Winter Sea” and “The Rose Garden” take place around the time of the Jacobite rebellion and are amazingly good. :)

    • Amy says:

      Oh RIGHT. I didn’t read that one. Hm. Then I have no idea. Maybe The Cousins’ War series will end there. *off to download the constant princess….

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